Why Japanese eat KFC for Christmas?? Here’s the answer.


If you love Japan, you may know that we Japanese have a tradition of eating KFC at Christmas, but it’s true!!! (Whether they eat it or not, many Japanese know and admit that fact.)
But why? For those of you wondering, I will explain.



Why Japanese people have KFC at Christmas?? Here's the answer.

Why Japanese eat KFC for Christmas?? 


KFC has become a staple of Christmas in Japan. This custom, which is not found in the Western country are said to have originated from an advertising campaign that KFC has put a lot of effort into since the 1970s.

Since the mid-1980s in Japan, life-size Colonel Sanders dolls dressed as Santa Claus have been displayed in front of KFC stores throughout the country during Christmas.

Christmas in Japan was and still is a non-religious event. In the 1970s, the custom of celebrating Christmas as a family wasn’t as widespread as it is today.

It was KFC that focused on it.
In 1974, it launched a promotional campaign as KFC at Christmas, selling set menus for parties.
On the other hand, it is said that the concept was born when a certain foreign customer asked KFC to wear a Santa costume and deliver fried chicken on Christmas Day.

In Western countries, it is customary to eat turkey at Christmas, but there is also a theory that the chicken menu was devised after hearing that foreigners living in Japan were looking for an alternative to turkey.

In the 1970s and 80s, commercials of families enjoying fried chicken with ‘Kentucky’s home’ as BGM were aired, and JAL and KFC collaborated in 2012.


Anyway Do Japanese celebrate Christmas?

I’m not sure if it’s the nuance of celebrating, but as I wrote at the beginning, in Japan, Christmas is enjoyed as an event regardless of religion.

By the way, the ratio of Christians in Japan is less than 1% of the total population (According to Christian Almanac 2012 edition)

However, in Japan, it is not an exaggeration to say that chicken is used as a substitute because there is no custom of eating turkey.

On Christmas in Japan, it is common to eat KFC with family and Boyfriend/Girlfriend.

For those who thought, “I understand the customs about KFC, but are you going to spend Christmas with your Boyfriend/Girlfriend”.
In Western countries, Christmas is a family event, but in Japan, it is also celebrated as an event for Boyfriend/Girlfriend.

If you want to know why in Japan Christmas is celebrated as an event with your Boyfriend/Girlfriend,please read this article.

Why don’t you celebrate at KFC when you spend Christmas in Japan?

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